About Me

This is Jeyanth Kumar an UG graduate who does web development part time. A computer freak who spends lots of time reading wiki's blog's. Watching youtube videos and totally forgot something called television and books. Yes sometimes i watch TV when internet connection is down. Love playing games in computer but not for long time. I get bored once i finish the game. Of course i play outdoor games such as Cricket and Badminton(I play for fun. Not really a good player ;)). My favorite quotes are

"It's not what i am underneath, but what i do that defines me” and "Life is waiting"

Of course both are from movies. The first from Batman Begins the second from The Terminal. Inspired by lots of college dropouts who are now millionaires and billionaires. Unfortunately i finished my college. I have lots of potential of learning something through internet rather than wasting money in coaching centers.

Now at the crossroads of life, this is the point where I’m decided on what to do the next forty years of my life. Improving my technical knowledge every day, with lots of potential and technical skills, Am in pursuit of my dreams and live the life in the way which i like to be.