The Big gap

Ahhh.. Got so busy in making browser extensions for Facebook and shaping myself for my career. Well couldn’t able to get time for blogging. Well i would post at least one article per week. I’ve redesigned my home page and would change the blog theme as well in few days.  So that’s it guys, in working on facebook extension i’ve learned something called cross domain ajax so will post an article about it today.

CSS3 Speech Module

The css3 text to speech will make the visually impaired users to get the advantage to listen to the web page contents. Well, not just reading, it can be customized by various speech synthesizing voices like male, female etc. also the speed of speech, where to pause. All these in css. No other special script or code to do this trick. I haven’t tried this myself but here is an example css code.

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    voice-family: paul;
    voice-stress: moderate;
    cue-before: url(
p.heidi { voice-balance: left; voice-family: female }
p.peter { voice-balance: right; voice-family: male }
p.goat  { voice-volume: soft }

As you can see the css rules like voice-family and voice-stress are the attributes to the voice synthesizing. Well this is not the end, there are voice pitch, voice range, duration, cue property which enables to play other sounds after or before reading, voice volume (voice mix), pause, etc.

To know further about speech module visit This article is based on the working draft dated 19th April 2011.